R.W.H by T.N.P.H.C
  Project Photographs
Rain Water Harvesting in T.N.P.H.C

        Rain Water Harvesting is being implemented, invariably in all the Police Housing schemes, without fail.

        The following methods are adopted by T.N.P.H.C for providing Rain Water Harvesting

              1. Defunct Bore Well Method

              2. Broken Brick Bed Method

              3. Percolation Pit Method

              4. Percolation Method

        Mostly Defunct Bore Wells, recommended by the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Drainage Board had been adopted in many of the schemes.

        At Nariyangadu under Phase VIII, defunct bore wells, as modified and suggested by "Rajparis", a N.G.O. promoting Rain Water Harvesting in and around Chennai city, had been provided.

        In some of the schemes like Sembium, Nariyangadu etc. Broken Brick Bed Method, as recommended by the C.M.W.S.S.B, had been provided.

        Percolation Pit Method had been successfully implemented in water-thriving area like Nariangadu (Phase IX), Raja Annamalaipuram, Pattabiram and also at Kilpauk schemes.

        At the D.G.P office complex, Perlocation Well System has been installed.